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See what your customers are really seeing

Aitrak helps brands and retailers to maximise the visual impact of their designs


Aitrak allows brands and retailers to see what their customers are really seeing


Brands and retailers spend thousands of dollars designing storefronts, windows, merchandising displays, product packaging, and advertising creative. But how do you know what customers are really seeing in those first few critical seconds?

Aitrak delivers all the benefits of professional eye-tracking studies but with results in minutes not days, allowing you to know where people are looking, in what order, and for how long.

Aitrak helps designers and marketers to capture the right visual attention in the first few seconds


Designers and marketers are talented creatives with amazing insights and compelling strategies. But how do you know that their designs are optimised to capture the right visual attention in the first few seconds?

Aitrak removes guesswork and subjective opinions from the design process, allowing you to maximise the visual impact of your designs.


Aitrak uses machine learning and proprietary data to deliver fast, accurate, and reliable results

Aitrak uses a proprietary predictive AI model trained with thousands of retail images viewed by people using traditional eye-tracking technology. This approach, combined with the founding team’s expertise in retail marketing and computer vision, ensures that Aitrak’s deep neural network delivers fast, accurate, and reliable results.

Aitrak typically achieves a 95%-97% accuracy rate when compared with traditional eye-tracking studies of the same images.


Aitrak Subscriptions


Subscribe to Aitrak’s online tool and analyse images yourself from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Review heat maps, opacity maps, gaze maps, and areas of interest.

Ideal for agencies and brands.

Aitrak Insight Reports

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Send your images to Aitrak and provide some background on business goals or needs. One of our industry experts will analyse your images and prepare a presentation-ready Aitrak Insight report with strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.

Ideal for brands or agencies looking for expert guidance.


Out of home advertising


See how Aitrak can be used to optimise out of home advertising.

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Social media creative content


See how Aitrak can be used to optimise social media creative content.

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Storefronts and windows

See how Aitrak can be used to optimise storefronts and windows.

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See how Aitrak can be used to optimise retail packaging.

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See how Aitrak can be used to optimise retail merchandising.

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