AI Developer



You will be involved working on AI components of complex projects including research and analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation. Developers are expected to feedback on development procedures and process to Tech Lead and Technical Director. You are someone who fully understands design as well as the overall creative and functional goals of a project. You are strategic, smart, logical, communicative and a dynamic group person with informed intent.

In this position, you will work in symbiosis with the producers, designers and other developers. You must be comfortable working within a predefined scope and provide reasonable and accurate time estimates for development.

Key duties

  • Design, develop AI prototypes and components for AI enabled software

  • Manage, transform and process training data

  • Validate performance of trained models

  • Deploy AI to production environments

  • Help team members understand capabilities and limitations of AI

  • Read code, documentation, specifications and creatively work with limits as needed


  • 3+ years of development experience

  • Knowledge of Python and data science related libraries such as Scipy, Matplotlib, Numpy

  • Understanding of computer vision and computer graphics

  • Experience with AI backends such as Tensorflow and or Caffe

  • Experience with Git and it’s workflow

  • Understands and demonstratively adheres to good development practices

  • Great communication skills


  • 3+ years of experience with Machine Learning, and or Deep Learning

  • Experience with a number programming languages, expert in a few

  • Comfortable working with Linux

  • Understands how to administrate systems and configure servers

  • Good understanding of linear algebra

  • Willingness and interest to teach and learn

  • Knowledge of basic UX patterns