Adding Areas of Interest

Areas of interest (AOIs) allow you to select parts of an image for further analysis. Once you’ve uploaded an image and it’s finished processing, you can add AOIs by following these simple steps.


1. Select an image from your Aitrak Dashboard to see the results.


2. Select “Areas of Interest +” to add a new AOI. You can add as many AOIs to an image as you like but beware of creating overlapping AOIs as this will result in double-counting of visual attention.

Write a caption here…

Write a caption here…


3. Select the rectangle tool to draw regular-shaped AOIs. Then drag your cursor or finger over the image to create the shape of the AOI.


4. Select the polygon tool to draw irregular-shaped AOIs. Then select the starting point and mark out all the corners of your AOI.

AOI step3.png

5. Select an existing AOI to move, resize, or delete it.


6. Select the “CONFIRM” button to begin processing your AOIs.


TIP: You can process as many AOIs as you like without incurring any additional costs.