Image Guidelines

Aitrak will happily process any image you upload but that doesn’t mean the results will always give you accurate insights (in the same way that a badly-written survey will give you answers but not insights). This article will help you to select the best images for the most accurate results.

1. File formats and sizes

Aitrak can process both JPGs and PNGs. The minimum image size is 800 x 600 pixels and the maximum file size is 6Mb.

TIP: For best results, use images with a size of 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. Images above this size will take longer to process but will not produce more accurate results. Images below this size may take less time to process but may also produce less accurate results.

2. Orientation and ratios

For best results, use horizontal images with a 4:3 ratio. These most closely match the human field of view (210° horizontally and 150° vertically) and will therefore give the most accurate results. Most smartphone cameras shoot 4:3 images by default, so you won’t need to change any settings.

Orientation and ratios 01.001.jpeg

Avoid using horizontal images with a 16:9 ratio, square images, vertical images, or panoramic images. These are not representative of how our eyes actually see the world and so may produce less accurate results.

Orientation and ratios 02.001.jpeg

3. Point of view

For best results, use images with a natural point of view. Simply hold your camera at head height and don’t worry about framing or balancing the picture.

Point of view.001.jpeg

Avoid images which have been framed artistically or taken from elevated angles. These are not representative of what customers would actually see and so may produce less accurate results.

Point of view.002.jpeg

4. Contrast and exposure

Avoid images which are unfocused or grainy. Use a tripod if necessary or change your camera settings to reduce image noise.

Contrast and exposure.001.jpeg

Avoid images with filters or unnatural levels of contrast. Also, avoid images which have been taken with a flash as this can produce unnatural levels of lighting.

Contrast and exposure.002.jpeg

5. Distractions

Avoid images with too many store staff or customers. These can produce inaccurate results if there are too many people in the image.


Avoid images with extreme window glare or reflections. These can produce inaccurate results if the window glare or reflections are too strong.


TIP: Take multiple photographs from slightly different angles and review them later on a large screen to find the best image for processing. Also, Photoshop is a great way to remove that annoying person or road-sign in the middle of the image before you upload it to Aitrak.